A new series of Sex Education films


At the beginning of 2018 we launched a nationwide survey among sex educators and found that there was an urgent need for new films. Films about sex and relationships that reflect the current lives of young people and the diversity of their experiences, bodies and desires. We are glad to have found skilled support in the development and implementation of Tacheles!


Dörte Döring
Is a political scientist and education worker. Since 2012 she has been working in the field of sex education, attending advanced training courses at the Institute for Sex Education.
She works as a freelance sex pedagogue with young people on the subject of sexuality in all its exciting facets. She is always fascinated by the exciting questions the teenagers raise.


 Nikola Poitzmann
Is a teacher at a vocational school and state coordinator of the project Violence Prevention and Democracy Learning of the Hessian state government, where she is particularly committed to the topics of democracy education, sensitisation to sexualised violence and the structuring of diversity.
She works as a diversity trainer, specialist for prevention and intervention in cases of sexual violence and as a trainer for non-violent communication. She often works with young people on these topics and enjoys doing so.