Wie wir wollen / Choices Voices
a film by Kollektiv KINOKAS in cooperation with TINT Filmkollektiv
2021, 98 min., documentary

38. Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Video Festival | One World Festival 2022 | Queer History Month Berlin 2022

To what extent is access to abortion restricted in Germany and why?

CHOICES VOICES takes stock of the systemic barriers to abortion access in Germany today through a mix of personal accounts, docu-fictional scenes, and interviews on specific topics. In doing so, the film asks broader questions around population policy and bodily self-determination: which parents, which children, and which families are desirable and why?


ein Film von TINT Filmkollektiv in Kooperation mit Janin Afken
2020, 28 Min., Dokumentarfilm

Ein Raum. Ein Kopierer. Leder, Pelz, Metall. Von 1981 bis 1996 war das lesbisch geführte Westberliner „Pelze Multimedia“ eine viel geliebte und berüchtigte Bühne für experimentelle Kunst und Musik, für Sexpartys, Barbetrieb und avantgardistische Modenschauen. Interviews mit drei der damaligen Betreiberinnen verweben sich mit sorgfältig inszenierten privaten Archivbeständen und falten gemeinsam ein subkulturelles Gedächtnis, ein feministisches Erbe und eine ganz eigene Ästhetik auf.

37. Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Video Festival | 67. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen | 4. Berliner Lesbian Non-Binary Filmfest | 16. Pornfilm-festival Berlin | 36. LGBT -Filmfestival in Ljubljana / Slowenien | Videoraum der Berlinischen Galerie | Queer History Month Berlin 2022


a project by savage amusement in cooperation with TINT Filmkollektiv (camera)
2021, 25 min., dance film.

TONIGHT explores the pleasures and perils of the erotics, the poetics, and the politics of a shared pop imaginary of exquisite anticipation.

Mädchen*arbeit – Feministisch und diskriminierungskritisch

a project by TINT Filmkollektiv on behalf of BAG Mädchen*politik e.V.
2021, 3 min., explainer video

Game of Biryani

a music video by Golden Diskó Ship and TINT Filmkollektiv

“Game of Biryani” – Album: ARACEAE, LD/CD/DD, Karaoke Kalk, 2020.

On a bright early summer day, Lana del Rey and Chris Isaak meet up
for a horseback ride in a flowery meadow, with a beautiful white apple
and a brown little pony. But something about it isn’t right, the sky,
the wind, the air, the weather, the grass, the smell, the colors, the animals….
Something under the surface… Still, it’s beautiful and you keep walking,
but you sense that there’s something fundamentally wrong. And maybe it’s not
it’s not Lana del Rey and Chris Isaak, but just a golden diskó ship.


a project by Sheena McGrandles in cooperation with TINT Filmkollektiv (camera)
2020, 30 min., dance film.

FLUSH unfolds in a reduced set-up: 3 performers on a stage, framed by a series of 5 wall elements. It is based on a carefully assembled movement vocabulary that takes inspiration from ubiquitous video-editing techniques.

ABqueer campaign video

2020, 4:40 min., on behalf of ABqueer e.V.

The Berlin-based association ABqueer e.V. offers educational events and counseling onthe topics of gender and sexuality, with a focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer (lgbtiq) lifestyles.


2019/2020, sex education short film series.
Episode SEXTING           Episode IDENTITIES

We speak TACHELES! About sex, gender and everything that goes with it.
Ruthlessly open, but always in love. Why? Because you do it.
What’s especially fun about sexting?
What does it mean to be trans*, inter* or non-binary?
How does it feel to be gay, straight or bi? What makes you happy, what makes you frustrated?
Alone, in pairs, in threesomes. Here, myths and sex education from the last century are cleared up. Because we are much more!

TACHELES! is a production of the Berlin film collectives TINT and Lichterloh.,
made in cooperation with Pulszeit e.V. and projects from youth work
(Outreach, Schilleria, Tivolotte, Campus Efeuweg)
as well as Dissens e.V. and the sex educators from sexpä and Dörte Döring.