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Good news: SUBJEKTRÄUME/SUBJECT SPACES was selected for the 36th LGBT Film Festival in Ljubljana/Slovenia!

The festival was founded in 1984 and is considered the first queer film festival in Europe.

We are happy that the selection committee chose to screen our film, and we are also very thankful to the team for making the festival happen in these difficult circumstances. The screening, which was scheduled for December 13, at the Cinematheque in Ljubljana, will happen online.



We had a nice shooting with ABqueer e.V., a Berlin-based association offering educational events and counseling on gender and sexuality, with a focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer (lgbtiq) lifestyles. The video of their new campaign will be online soon!



Our documentary film SUBJEKTRÄUME (Subject Spaces) celebrates its world premiere at the 37th KASSELER DOKUMENTARFILM UND VIDEO FEST. (17-22 November 2020 )
Screening on Fr., 20.11.2020 at 00:15, BALi Kinos and online Link to the festival

SUBJEKTRÄUME (Subject Spaces) (29 min. 2020) DE SEN
Written & directed: Kat Voss in collaboration with Janin Afken – Camera: Mireia Guzmán Sanjaume – Lighting: Svea Immel – Sound: Hanna Prenzel – Setdesign: Marlene Pardeller/Kat Voss – Edition: Kat Voss – Sound Design: Birte Gerstenkorn – Color Grading: Mireia Guzmán Sanjaume

Tacheles !#2: “identities”

Check out the second episode “identities”.

Here are some more impressions of the shooting and the workshops on facebook and instagram! Follow us!

Tacheles #1 about “sexting” is online!

We are happy that the first episode of TACHELES!, our sexual education series, is online. Check it out! (unfortunately only in German)


TINT is part of the jury of Hatun-Sürücü-Prize 2020

The Hatun-Sürücü-Prize is the women’s prize of the Green parliamentary group and has been awarded since 2013 to individuals, initiatives or organisations from Berlin who support the right of girls and young women to equal opportunities and self-determination. TINT is pleased to be part of the jury this year!

Photo: Inga Kjer

FURORA Filmfestival: Setting the tone, making a point – editing opening sequences

TINT is cooperating with FURORA Filmfestival and giving the workshop Setting the tone, making a point – editing opening sequences (registration and more information) only for FLINT* (Female, Lesbian, Inter, Nonbinary, Trans) on 30th of November 2019. Looking forward!

FURORA Filmfestival : Filling Blank Spaces – Counter-Narratives of Women* in Film

TINT is more than happy to cooperate with FURORA Filmfestival! On Saturday, 30th of November 2019 we will be giving the workshop Filling Blank Spaces – Gegennarrative von Frauen* im Film (in German).

Shooting Tacheles #2!

The workshop and shooting of Tacheles #2 “identities” took place. We spent some intense and fantastic days with the participants and experts. Thanks to all of you!

Filmworkshop at M.1 / Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung

TINT is giving a filmworkshop for young people at M.1 / Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung for two weeks in the framework of the program  “Holo Stories International”. We are looking forward to shooting, producing, cutting, inventing stories for YouTube-Videos with youngsters from Hohenlockstedt.

Seeking memories of pelze Multimedia

TINT collaborates with academic Janin Afken, researching “pelze Multimedia”, an avant garde collective founded by feminist lesbians who combined art, exchange, and sex in their gallery-like space in Berlin between 1981 and 1996. We are conversing with some of the pelze ladies*, and will stage their private archive objects.

A Youtube channel against conspiracy and revisionism

The project ODRA is a  Swiss/Polish/German cooperation, supported by FHNW Muttenz, Cologen University, Wroclaw University and the academic Moritz Hoffmann as well as the EVZ foundation. The project will generate a digital media board, reacting to fake news, looking into these issues in a youtube channel and object to false statements. TINT support this important program with an allrounder-how-to-workshop, teaching everything the team needs to know about producing web videos.

Shooting Tacheles!

Our first workshop and shooting of Tacheles took place and was lot of fun. We cannot wait to see first results. Thanks to our wonderful protagonists and participants!


We are happy that Tacheles! is funded by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung

More information (in German) here

She*Fix Techaton // 22-25 August 2019 // Alte Mühle Gömnigk near Potsdam

You want more visibility for F*L*T*I Experts* in social media and in handicrafts? Come to “Alte Mühle Gömnigk” and join our Techaton – a Construction Handicrafts Discussion Congress! From 22-25 August 2019 we will screw things together, repair stuff, discuss, network and, above all, produce Youtube-She*Fix-Tutorials . All *Women*Lesbian*Trans*Inter* are welcome! All *Women*Lesbians*Trans*Inter* are welcome!


An archive of feminist activisms during Berlin’s 1980s and 1990s

Starting in 2014, the feminist archive FFBIZ has interviewed activists who were, or still are, involved in the women’s movements in Berlin. We want to show how lesbians and women in both East and West Berlin have built and run autonomous facilities, networks and other types of feminist infrastructure after 1968. Our video interviews document and preserve their knowledge and their experience for researchers, activists and all those interested in the histories/herstories of political activism. TINT supported this amazing archive with camera work and in post production.

Workshop at Feminist Futures Festival: “Filling Blank Spaces: queere Gegennarrative im Film”

12.-15. September 2019 in Zeche Zollverein, Essen. Registration: Feminist Futures Festival. Worldwide, radical feminist movements are gaining strength. They fight against bad working conditions, violence, racism and environmental destruction and fight for social justice for all. In this situation, the Feminist Futures Festival wants to be a place for debate and networking. It will be about theoretical and practical questions, about trainings, theatre and music. It is open to people of all sexes and ages, with and without prior knowledge.

Shooting: Multimedia-Report „Fair-Trade Global Economies in Berlin”

In Production: A contribution „Fair-trade Natural Stones”, in cooperation with Agentur FLMH – Labor für Politik und Kommunikation and Eine-Welt-Stadt Berlin.

Science Fiction Short “High Touch” – in Postproduction

Soon in the future holograms will play an important role; you can move around as a hologram and even have relationships, feel each other. Erik and Tom have a passionate love affair as holograms, but Erik has a great longing for something else that he has never experienced before…

Erik: Tom Sladko // Tim: Vincent Schneider // Sara: Luise Walther // Vater: Uwe Fischer


A new film series for sexual health education
In cooperation with local schools and youth centers, we are currently developing a series of clips dealing with sexual health issues that will be available online, and for free, for younger and older persons, and for all teachers dealing with this topic.
We have sexual health experts on board. Teenagers voice their own thoughts, and take part in filmmaking. Interviews and group discussions will be accompanied by vivid illustrations and animations.

Currently (Spring 2019), we’re in preproduction of our pilot episode about Sexting.

TINT at Berlin Feminist Film Week

We are happy to be part of the programm of  Berlin Feminist Film Week

— WOMEN* & TECH: How to shoot a Video Tutorial:
TINT Filmkollektiv has teamed up with SHE*FIX Berlin in order to make, promote and enable free-of-charge tech tutorials made by women*.
— Filling blank spaces – producing counter-narratives:
It is no more a surprise that film (and especially film business) reproduces and affirms gender discrimination and stereotypes. In this workshop we want to have a look at the innumerable empty spaces in the history of film regarding the role of women*.

Social Media Interventions

Imagine a better world for inter*, trans*, non binary* and cis* people!

Interviews for the online campaign, “Social Media Interventions”, commissioned by Dissens e.V.


She*fix Tutorials

We joined forces on republica 18 with KanTe-Kollektiv, to start she*fix-tutorials, an open feminist youtube platform.

Women* explain tech – tyre changes, bike brakes, CNC mills. We support she*fix with image, sound and production, and are currently searching for funds.


2018/19 (in production),

10 minutes, fiction & found footage.

A short film about history of cinema, gods of cinema, and love stories.