WHY WORKING TOGETHER an ambivalent love declaration to collective work

Our new documentary film project WHY WORKING TOGETHER deals with the contradictions of collective work in network capitalism.
We are very excited about the collaboration and upcoming film shooting with the performance collective Polymora inc, the architect collective fem-arc and the artist collective Coven Berlin.
More info soon on a new web page for the film.

WHY WORKING TOGETHER an ambivalent love declaration to collective work

Celebration! We are very happy about the group grant “Künstler:innenstipendium Film/Video 2023” from the Berlin Senate for the documentary film project WHY WORKING TOGETHER an ambivalent love declaration to collective work.
The project participants are: Aline Bonvin, Mireia Guzmàn, Sve Immel, Irene Izquierdo, Hanna Prenzel.

Where is the Planetary? Oct 14–16, 2022 at HKW

We’re looking forward to a weekend of exploring, thinking, performing, and shooting with Koki Tanaka, the smart and wonderful crowd of scholars and artists he has invited, and the lovely crew at Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

An old practice of “inhabiting” the earth is failing; a new one is not yet in sight.
Where is the Planetary? brings together perspectives on a fragile and changeable planet in collaborative exercises and conversations. In experimental setups by the artist Koki Tanaka, scholars, artists and activists develop ways of living together under planetary conditions.

photo: @Koki Tanaka

Feminist Film RE.Making – 25 & 26.6.22 – HKW

What can be learned from the feminist film of the 1970s to 1990s? How can works of feminist film history be opened up anew from one’s own perspective?
Using film scenes and video works from the exhibition No Master Territories. Feminist Filmmaking and the Moving Image, the two-day workshop will explore and activate the possibilities of feminist filmmaking with one’s own smartphone. Through re-staging, remaking, or freely engaging with the works in the exhibition, participants will approach their own topic, which will be developed and cinematically realized under the guidance of professional filmmakers.
With Aline Bonvin and Svea Immel

Queer History Month – Screenings

We invite you to the double feature lesbian* history & reproductive justice!
Two of our films will be screened in the context of Queer History Month

Screening followed by a Q&A
Subject Spaces” 10th of May – 19h – Delphi Lux
Choices / Voices”  19th of May – 19h – Delphi Lux

We would like to thank Giuseppina Lettieri from Archiv der Jugendkultur
and the team of FFBIZ e.V.

WIE WIR WOLLEN – CHOICES / VOICES goes One World Festival!

CHOICES / VOICES celebrates its international Premiere at One World Festival in Prag.

The film will also be screened in other cities in the country.
3 Screenings in Prag – 26th, 29th, 31st of March with Q&A
Thank you very much to the festival team !

SUBJECT SPACES goes Berlinische Galerie!

After a great festival year in Kassel, Ljubljana, London, Oberhausen, Berlin, Oldenburg, Bologna, Weiterstadt, Hannover, Thessaloniki, Paris, and before another screening in Rome (April 2022), SUBJECT SPACES pays a visit to the White Cube. From February 2-28, 2022, our documentary will be screened at the Berlinische Galerie’s virtual video space.

Thanks to Anne Bitterwolf!



Why Coming Together – first test shoot

We are developing a new documentary project. The film WHY COMING TOGETHER exhibits the history and actuality of collective work under precarious conditions in Berlin by restaging and appropriating scenes of (queer)feminist film history.

A first test shoot took place in December 2021. Thanks for the fantastic collaboration: Irene Izquierdo, Laura Hagemann und Lenna Fichter!




Festival Joy!

SUBJECT SPACES will be screened at the 4th Berlin Lesbian Non-Binary Filmfest where it’s programmed together with Dan Dansen’s film CRISIS IS ALWAYS after its screenings at Hof and Achtung Berlin. See you in Kino Sputnik on Saturday!




Super happy to announce that the documentary  WIE WIR WOLLEN by collective KINOKAS  in collaboration with TINT was selected at the 38th Kasseler Documentary Film and Video Fest, Germany (November 16-21, 2021)!

World Premiere: Wednesday 17 November, 5 pm!



Another screening in Berlin on the big screen: SUBJECT SPACES was selected for the 16th
In two screenings, it will play as the front runner for the amazing documentary REBEL DYKES:

A Dyke Herstory Double Feature!

Sat, October 30, 2021, 7PM, Babylon Kreuzberg // Sunday, October 31, 2021, 2:30PM, Kino Moviemento
Rebel Dykes’ producer will be there for a Q&A. Yeary!


More festival joy!

SUBJECT SPACES was selected for the German Online Competition at the 67th international short film days in Oberhausen, Germany (May 1-10, 2021).

Screening: Sunday 02 May, 8 pm, for 48 hours, in the German Online Competition (Program 2)



In March 2021 we collaborated once more with Melanie Jame Wolf.

UNDERSTUDIES: 7 performers embody “The Actress”, rehearse variations of Nina’s monologue from Chechov’s Seagull, atomising the text by means of seriously playful repetition to render it both sublime and ridiculous.

The film will be screened for MJ’s exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, where they are currently artist in residence. It will probably be possible to book individual visitor slots for the show.

TINT meets queer-feminist collective KINOKAS

TINT Filmkollektiv is shooting with the queer-feminist collective Kinokas.

The documentary film project WIE WIR WOLLEN deals with the topic of reproductive rights and justice and the debate about paragraphs 218 and 219a in Germany. Until today, abortions are considered a criminal offence. Kinokas has been working on this film for 4 years and has collected numerous testimonies and interviews with experts.

Now we are shooting scenes with a CHORUS that gives voice to intersectional demands.

Clip about intersectional and anti-discrimination youth work for Girls*

In late February our clip about intersectional and anti-discrimination youth work for Girls* was launched online! A cooperation with BAG Mädchen*politik.





“Two figures re-edit themselves across a wall. A reduced trajectory of 10 seconds that is hyper edited and hacked live over a time frame of 40mins.”

We are happy to support Sheena McGrandles with adapting her fantastic dance pieces FLUSH and FIGURED for film. The first shoot at Sophiensäle was a so much fun, and now we’re looking forward to the upcoming shoot! Also on board: Stellan Veloce  und Melanie Jame Wolf aka Savage Amusement




Good news: SUBJEKTRÄUME/SUBJECT SPACES was selected for the 36th LGBT Film Festival in Ljubljana/Slovenia!

The festival was founded in 1984 and is considered the first queer film festival in Europe.

We are happy that the selection committee chose to screen our film, and we are also very thankful to the team for making the festival happen in these difficult circumstances. The screening, which was scheduled for December 13, at the Cinematheque in Ljubljana, will happen online.



TINT Filmkollektiv made a music video with sound artist Elsa M’Bala aka A.M.E.T. for her piece “Infinity”.

‘Graphic score II (circle)’ is made in collaboration with drummer and electronic musician Andi Stecher and is commissioned by ON Festival.



We had a nice shooting with ABqueer e.V., a Berlin-based association offering educational events and counseling on gender and sexuality, with a focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer (lgbtiq) lifestyles. Here you go: the video of their new campaign !



Our documentary film SUBJEKTRÄUME (Subject Spaces) celebrates its world premiere at the 37th KASSELER DOKUMENTARFILM UND VIDEO FEST. (17-22 November 2020 )
Screening on Fr., 20.11.2020 at 00:15, BALi Kinos and online Link to the festival

SUBJEKTRÄUME (Subject Spaces) (29 min. 2020) DE SEN
Written & directed: Kat Voss in collaboration with Janin Afken – Camera: Mireia Guzmán Sanjaume – Lighting: Svea Immel – Sound: Hanna Prenzel – Setdesign: Marlene Pardeller/Kat Voss – Edition: Kat Voss – Sound Design: Birte Gerstenkorn – Color Grading: Mireia Guzmán Sanjaume


TINT made a music video with the Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist Golden Diskó Ship. Track “Game of Biryani” – Album: ARACEAE, LD/CD/DD, released on Karaoke Kalk, 2020.

On a bright early summer day, Lana del Rey and Chris Isaak meet for a ride in a flower meadow, with a beautiful grey horse and a brown little pony. But something is wrong with the sky, the wind, the air, the  weather, the grass, the smell, the colours, the animals…

An archive of feminist activisms during Berlin’s 1980s and 1990s

Starting in 2014, the feminist archive FFBIZ has interviewed activists who were, or still are, involved in the women’s movements in Berlin. We want to show how lesbians and women in both East and West Berlin have built and run autonomous facilities, networks and other types of feminist infrastructure after 1968. Our video interviews document and preserve their knowledge and their experience for researchers, activists and all those interested in the histories/herstories of political activism. TINT supported this amazing archive with camera work and in post production.